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We cover a lot of video production services here and rather than lots of waffle…let’s get down to the visuals themselves.

Below are the video production company showreels’ for our different areas of production work – music video, corporate video, acting showreels, motion graphics and live music…take a look at one, or all, depending on what you are looking for!

Every project is different and we like to discuss your project with you and find out more about what you need and then give you a tailored quote specifically for your shoot, to work within your budget – get in touch to talk further and let’s see what we can do for you!


Our latest music video production showreel – featuring clips from our work in rock, pop, rap, metal and even opera music videos! Studio or location shoots, performance only shoots, narrative only shoots or performance combined with narrative shoots or green screen or full motion graphic lyric videos – we can cover it all. Get in touch to talk about your next music video…


Videos for B2B and B2C companies, both national and international, forming part of your video marketing and content creation strategy. Corporate / promotional videos, instructional videos, product demonstration videos through to event coverage, conference / seminar filming, live web streaming and even motion graphic animations, we produce a wide range of corporate video. Get in touch to discuss your requirements…


We produce fully animated videos or enhance a live action video with graphics and animations.From simple text only animations (inc kinetic typography) to 2.5D animation and onwards, we can offer a wide range of MoGFX services.


Looking to update your reel or create a brand new one? We shoot reels from scratch, working with you to choose and develop the scenes to film and then edit the new material with the option to edit in existing material or simply edit you a new reel from your existing material. We help with sourcing locations, actors, props etc.


From indie acts to cover/tribute bands through to chart topping acts we can shoot it all – full multi-track audio recording and mixing, single camera web streams to multi-camera webstreams and filming.

I had a great time at The Springboard Project with presenter Emily Beach today. We were shooting a lot of new...

Prepping kit before shoots tomorrow and Thursday. Planning to give the URSA shoulder mount another workout and see what we get with it.

Great meeting with @HorshamPubs today - looking forward to future endeavours together!

It's a busy week for us as usual, driving to Manchester, getting caught in apocalyptic flash floods on the way...

Here's a recent promo we made for the Plum Campers Plum Jam festival - it's a day long event filled with a LOT of...

We need to hire a turntable to place a prop on to be filmed. NOT a DJ turntable. Any recommendations welcome! #turntable

ACTORS! We're looking for an 18-24y/o male or female for a promo for a W.Sussex shopping mall summer event. Get in touch with CV, headshot!

ACTORS! We are casting a role - male or female - to feature in a paid role in a promo video for a West Sussex...



May 2017 Shoots

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May 2017 Shoots

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks here with our usual wide range of work being undertaken…

Posted: 23rd May 2017
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