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Nov 2017

9th November 2017 | POSTED BY Geoff Cockwill

It’s been another busy few months for us, so first up, why not take a look at our latest video production vlog to see some of what’s been going on…

We recently attended the launch of the new furniture range from Maggie and Rose, shooting for the My Baba website – this unique wooden furniture features bespoke painted patterning. Look out for the video soon. Alongside that, we also went to the blogger party for Emma Buntons Kit & Kin range of baby products – find out more about that in our vlog.

We produced a number of pseudo video animations for Irish rock band The Script recently including their single Rain and Arms Open plus we made a lyric video for iLL BLU ft Glowie and the track Tribalist, which was the Radio 1 “Tune of the Week” recently!

We filmed some more promotional videos for Horsham Time Well Spent including their upcoming Christmas events in town, we covered the Perry’s Exceptional Awards evening and made some more videos for our friends at the Springboard Project childrens charity.

Upcoming work includes a number of videos for an insurance claims mobile app, filming the Born Free Beyond the Bars event, some more pseudo video animations and some more projects which are currently in development.