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Music Video Production, Corporate Video Production, Live Events and Motion Graphics Animation. Click below to watch our 1 minute Sizzle Showreel! A retro blast of Northern Soul / pop from Si Cranstoun, with an era-hopping dance routine. 4K music video produced for Warner / EastWest Records. Series of videos showcasing the 4 main Canary Islands, shot on C300s, Movi and GoPros! 4K Blackmagic-shot performance music video for singer / songwriter Aubrey Whitfield, signed to 2UBE Records. Steadicam-shot promotional video with animation for property investment company Gower and Mae, presented by Fiona Rene. Watch our vlog - presented by Jessica Jay - to see what work we've been producing recently!



We have one aim. To make YOU a great video.

We’re a digital video production company producing MUSIC VIDEOS and CORPORATE VIDEOS, shooting LIVE MUSIC and EVENTS and creating MOTION GRAPHIC animations.

We’re experienced, creative and cover every step of production.

Our MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCTION work has broadcast worldwide and been YouTube hits. Our CORPORATE VIDEO PRODUCTION work is invaluable to business’ video marketing campaigns and our MOTION GRAPHICS videos stand alone or enhance live action videos.

CONTACT US to talk about your video. Let’s see what we can do for you.

May 2015 Shoots

What's coming up...

May 2015 Shoots

Spring is here and the sun is up longer – an ideal time to start shooting some outdoor videos!

Posted: 3rd May 2015
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April 7th 2015

What's shooting soon...

April 7th 2015

We’re busy shooting a number of music video productions this month, starting off with “S

Posted: 4th March 2015
7th February 2015

Latest on our production slate...

7th February 2015

We recently wrapped the music video for Si Cranstoun and his single Never Gonna Let You Go, released

Posted: 7th February 2015
6th January 2015

New Year, New Videos

6th January 2015

Happy new year, hope you had a good one – we are back and ready to get into new productions fo

Posted: 6th January 2015


conference, filming, london
Property Forum Awards 2015

Awards Event Filming

Property Forum Awards 2015

Promotional video for the first annual Property Forum Awards event held in London and hosted by Rory Bremner.   Previously held as an online vote

animated, lyric, video
Graham Parker Animated Lyric Video

Graham Parker - "Railroad Spikes"

Graham Parker Animated Lyric Video

Animated lyric video for Graham Parker and the Rumour and the new single “Railroad Spikes”.   Released in conjunction with the latest

Aubrey Whitfield – “Every Cloud”

Music Video

Aubrey Whitfield – “Every Cloud”

Performance-led music video production for singer / songwriter Aubrey Whitfield, on 2UBE Records.   For her first music video production with us,

Alexis Peterman (2015 edit)

Specially Shot Acting Reel

Alexis Peterman (2015 edit)

Showreel for Alexis Peterman featuring specially shot scenes and edits of existing material…   This is the 2015 actor showreel editing proj

corporate, video, production
Gower and Mae

Property Investment Promo

Gower and Mae

Corporate video production for property investment firm Gower and Mae.   Gower and Mae is a leading property investment company with a portfolio


“Surviving Actors has worked with Silvertip over many events to showcase what we are all about. The team is reliable, professional, hard working and create solid work time and time again. They always capture the essence of what Surviving Actors is. We’d highly recommend them for any type of event/corporate video work.”

– Lianne Robertson – Surviving Actors



VLOG: Find out what we've been up to lately… #vlog #videoproduction

VLOG: Jessica Jay presents our April work update - have a look to see more!

Location Location Location - what options are there?

Web agencies that "don't do much with video" - what's that all about?!

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3D motion tracking VFX test details…

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Script Learning Techniques

Vlog presenter Tips and Tricks

Script Learning Techniques

A few tips on script learning techniques from our vlog presenter and actress Jessica Jay… &nb

Posted: 22nd May 2015