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Music Video Production, Corporate Video Production, Live Events and Motion Graphics Animation. Click below to watch our 1 minute Sizzle Showreel! Furious performance and evocative dance imagery combine with topical lyrics to make the stunning Schemata Theory music video for "Horror Show"! Find out what we've been up to lately with all the news and updates from presenter Jess, in our latest vlog! 3D MoGFX unboxing animation for the upcoming Sex Pistols live boxset. Produced for Universal Music. Infectious pop for singer / songwriter Jazz Mino - shot in 4K with underwater sections too. Promotional video for anti-racism in football charity Show Racism the Red Card. This promo looks at their anti-HBT Bullying campaign.



We have one aim. To make YOU a great video.

We’re a full-service, creative video production company, producing MUSIC VIDEO and CORPORATE VIDEO, shooting LIVE EVENTS and creating MOTION GRAPHICS.

We cover every step of production from inception through to final delivery. We bring your story to life, with the best crew and highest production values.

Over the last decade, we’ve pushed ourselves visually and creatively, to deliver on time, on budget and to exceed expectations. Take a look at our portfolio to see our work in action…

CONTACT US to talk about your video. Let’s see what we can do for you.

June News

What's shooting now...

June News

What’s been shooting lately? Find out here… Our recently shot music video for Schemata T

Posted: 20th June 2016
April-May 2016

Cameras are rolling...

April-May 2016

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks recently and have more to come – which we are more than

Posted: 28th April 2016
March 2016

What's shooting soon...

March 2016

2016 is racing along already and we’re keeping busy with various new projects… We’

Posted: 29th February 2016
New Year…New Video?

New Projects / Discount Promo

New Year…New Video?

Happy New Year to you! We hope you had a good one. This year is well underway already and we are get

Posted: 12th January 2016


Starmac Road Repairs

Promotional Video

Starmac Road Repairs

The Starmac Road Repair system is a new market addition from Star Contractors…   The company wanted a promotional video that showcased what

sex pistols logo-250x250
Sex Pistols

Unboxing Animation

Sex Pistols

Legendary punk rockers get a multi album live boxset release courtesy of Universal Music…   We produced this 3D motion graphics animation t

Champions of Magic

Meet the Cast...

Champions of Magic

Meet 5 of the UK’s best magicians, touring the country with the Champions of Magic show!   We sat down to film interviews with the cast of

Schemata Theory – “Horror Show”

Metal Music Video Production

Schemata Theory – “Horror Show”

Energy-filled performance intercut with evocative dance from metal band Schemata Theory…   Schemata Theory are the heaviest band we’v

Show Racism the Red Card

Anti-HBT Bullying Promo

Show Racism the Red Card

Show Racism the Red Card is the football-community anti-racism and bullying charity…   In 2015/16, Show Racism the Red Card started their a


“Silvertip are our go-to guys for filming. We’ve filmed everything from interviews, cooking demonstrations, make-up tutorials, hair styles and even a car test drive with Silvertip. They turn footage around super-quick and we’re always thrilled with the results. Thanks for everything you do for us, we look forward to the next shoot!”

– Leonora Bamford – My Baba


This week we're planning two #musicvideos for artists we've filmed before, shooting #presenter #showreels with...

Thanks for the interview with @emma_lehane about hair @ABEVENTS !!!

Out shooting some new #hairinthechair content for presenter @emma_lehane today! #presenter

Looking forward to shooting our next #vlog at the excellent Gun Hill Studios next week!

This week, we're working on animation unboxings, live theatre edits, presenter showreel shoots, charity event promos and vlog scripting!

I liked a @YouTube video from @atc_band "Young & Relentless" - Against The Current (Live from Leicester

Brand new #videoproduction #vlog - take a look and see what we've been working on!

Good meeting in London with Sony Music today, heading back to the office to edit now

Couple of shares on Facebook = the biggest organic view count for our vlog to date. Thanks everyone!

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Hollywood Effects Show Trailer 2016

I liked a @YouTube video Hollywood Effects Show Trailer 2016

360° Animation Example - here's a little test to show what can be done with 360 animation. Like it?

Video Production Vlog #24 - Sunshine Edition! Find out what we've been up to recently!

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Musical Friends - Horsham, Crawley, Bognor Regis

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Musical Friends - Parents Interviews

I liked a @YouTube video Musical Friends - Parents Interviews

I liked a @YouTube video Musical Friends - Horsham, Crawley, Bognor Regis

Our recent #videoproduction #vlog features a look at our work for @SRTRC_England amongst other projects -

Our latest #videoproduction #vlog features a look at recent work for @HollywoodSFXS and many more!



VLOG #24

Sunshine Edition

VLOG #24

We usually shoot our video production vlog in a studio, but for this edition, presenter Jess convinc

Posted: 21st July 2016